How to Set Up Your Dropshipping Website with WPEngine - Dropship Step by Step

How to Set Up Your Dropshipping Website with WPEngine



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Welcome to the first step of dropship success– building your store.  Good looking people get all the breaks in life.  The same is true for good looking sales pages!

The key to building a great dropshipping store is continuing to come back to your design with fresh eyes, over and over again.  That’s why it’s key to START here, before finding products or building a marketing plan– it shortens the amount of time between your first steps and your first sale.  By the time you have your product and marketing strategies in place, you will have an excellent grasp of your WordPress store and what is possible.

Many of you are likely intimidated by the prospect of building your own website, particularly if you’ve never done it before.  No need to worry.  In this tutorial, I will walk you through the entire process of building a Dropshipping store step-by-step.  If you can use facebook, you can build a website with WordPress!

In the video above, I walk you through setting up the foundation of a great website– web hosting!  Web hosting is what stores you web site on the internet so other people can visit from around the world.  For more info, see this post: What is WPEngine, and Why Do I Need it?


All set-up with a WordPress site and ready to start configuring it?  Proceed to the next video: How to Install and Set-Up the Proland Theme

  • Lauren

    Is shopify recommended to use for making a drop shipping website? I see lots of ads for using oberlo on shopify.

    • Hey Lauren!

      Shopify + Oberlo is a common recommendation because of the recurring affiliate commission that bloggers get from signing people up for Oberlo.

      It’s not a bad way to do things. It won’t be the reason you fail.

      But WooCommerce hosted on WPEngine is much cheaper over the long run, and has greater flexibility. Shopify is really appealing to newbies because they do some great marketing, and their platform is really simple. But just a month or two in, you will find yourself wanting to be able to do things that just aren’t possible on Shopify, and they make it really difficult to take your site off their platform.

      Plus, Shopify is at least $29/month for each store, plus 2% of sales on top of the normal 2.9% plus $.30 payment processing fees. You can avoid this by using their payment processor, but they are really strict on what you can sell and often shut stores down for the silliest of things.

      WPEngine, on the other hand, is $29/month for the first store, but once you get to 10, you’re only paying $10/month each. Plus, they let you make copies of your sites, so once you have a customized sales page you really like, you can make a copy then swap the pics and text out for a new product.

      Great question!

  • Vigor

    Hello thank you for making this really interesting website of yours, I’m really new to Dropshipping and i have a question, Are there any legal requirements required for non US-Citizen to dropship goods from China/US to US Markets? Are there any taxes involved? and how long does it usually takes for Aliexpress products to arrive in US? Thank you.

    • Depends on your country of origin 🙂 ePacket takes bout 2 weeks.

  • Thomas

    how much money have you made from this business model?

  • Duncan

    must you be in the us to be able to do this ,I am from Kenya

    • No sir, but I recommend selling to American customers. The United States subsidizes shipping from China to America, so the margins are excellent.

      • What about Taxes. This has been the thing putting me off to The USA market. I really want to get into the market with relaxed mind knowing that my taxes are taken care of.

        • I’m no tax attorney. If you are selling to U.S. citizens from outside the U.S. I’m not sure what taxes you would be responsible for.

  • Felix Ayodele Adeyemi

    Hello Zach, I am interested in drop shipping but I don’t want products to take as long as 2 weeks to get delivered. I learnt that there are US suppliers how do I get the contacts of these suppliers and wont the products from these suppliers be much more expensive than the Asian counterparts?
    You will do me a world of good by giving me a honest answer, thank you sir for your amazing job!

    • Hey Felix!

      You can use Salehoo to find American suppliers if you think shipping times will be an issue for you. The products may very well be more expensive than their asian counterparts but that is a downside you will have to weigh. Is it worth faster shipping?

      2 weeks shipping time won’t generally crush your business, so long as you are sending out tracking info and have a plan for responding to customer inquiries. Plus, after a couple hundred sales, you can always start buying up inventory and fulfilling orders yourself (or paying another company to do so for you.

      • Felix Ayodele Adeyemi

        Thanks Zach, I really appreciate you for taking time out to answer my questions. I also want to know what kind of plugin can I use to filter for ePacket products from alibaba or aliexpress and will I be able to use same plugin for 1688 or is there some sort of catalog where products that enjoy ePacket shipping are listed?

  • Charles81

    I’ve looked at BlueHost and they are much cheaper than Wpengine, is there any particular reason why I shouldn’t use them? and one other thing I haven’t been able to watch all of your video because it cuts out when a link shows up to wpengine. Is there a way to finish watching it? Thanks

  • suprabha

    nice post

  • Solomon

    Hello Zach, I’m wondering can a 15 year old start a drop shipping business? and how much could I possibly make the first month? If u could answer that would mean a lot. thx