STEP 1: How to Build a Dropshipping Store with WPEngine

Welcome to Step 1 of Dropship success!

Good looking people get all the breaks in life.  The same is true for good looking sales pages!

Step 1 is all about building a a beautiful product sales page or store.  Many of you are likely intimidated by the prospect of building your own website, particularly if you’ve never done it before.

No need to worry!  I will walk you through the entire process of building a Dropshipping store step-by-step.  If you can use facebook, you can build a website with WordPress!

The key to building a great Dropshipping store is continuing to come back to your design with fresh eyes, over and over again.  That’s why it’s key to START here– it shortens the amount of time between your first steps and your first sale.  By the time you have your product and marketing strategies in place, you will have an excellent grasp of your WordPress store.

In the video below, I walk you through setting up the foundation of a great website– web hosting!  Web hosting is what stores you web site on the internet so other people can visit from around the world..

My favorite web host is WPEngine, for a few main reasons:

  • Price.  WPEngine comes in a little high on price for your first install relative to the discount web hosting leader, BlueHost.  That being said, WPEngine is the same monthly price as Shopify, but without Shopify’s additional fee: 2% of revenue (among the many reasons I don’t use Shopify).  Once you get multiple projects running, the price is only $9/month.
  • Speed.  Walmart did a case study that conversion rates plummet when pages take more than 3 seconds to load.  I once migrated a BlueHost site to WPEngine and my page load speed dropped from 4.5 seconds to 1.5!  This is a benefit of their proprietary caching algorithm.
  • Support.  WPEngine offers 24/7 chat support from WordPress experts based out of Austin, TX.  There is no way WPEngine makes money on me– I utilize their chat support so much that I am on a first-name basis with the team!
  • Features.  I saved the best for last– WPEngine let’s me make complete copies of my websites.  If I have a new sales page that is killing it for me, I can make a copy and swap out the imagery and sales copy for a new product.  They also let me migrate sites in from the outside if necessary, almost without lifting a single finger.

After you follow this video, you will have the option of building your page or store from a blank slate, or, I can transfer you a copy of one of my most successful sales pages for free, straight into your WPEngine account.  Here’s what it looks like.  You can just swap out images, logos, and sales copy for your own product, and you will be ready to rock and roll!

Just submit your e-mail at the end of the video below and I will transfer it over to you 🙂


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When you look around for products to sell on AliExpress, everything seems cheap and worthless.  You get that feeling because the sales copy, the product photos, and the page are cheap-looking.

But you have no idea what the product itself is actually like!  A proper Dropshipping sales page can give the total opposite impression of the product, and that perception will tend to stick with customers throughout their ownership of the product.

When a visitor comes to your site, you’ve already intrigued them enough to buy.

That’s why they are on your page.

If they feel like they can trust you enough to hand over money, if the product is what they expected when they clicked your URL, and if the price is right, they will buy.

Simple as that.

Once you have WordPress and WPEngine set-up, you are ready to build out the rest of the site!  You don’t need to complete the following steps in any particular order– take your pick.

  • .com domain registration.  Without a real domain, your page won’t look legitimate.  We will use NameCheap for this, as they are cheapest after WHOIS privacy and renewals.
  • Plug-in installation, activation, and set-up.  There are thousands of plug-ins available for WordPress, making the platform more versatile according to your specific needs.
  • WooCommerce Set-Up with Stripe integration.  These simple plug-ins are what turn our WordPress site into a money-making machine.
  • Sales page design.  We will install a theme of your choice (I like Zerif Lite, it’s free), and hack it to our preferred style with CSS Hero.  If you don’t like my theme choice, there are thousands to choose from.  If you pick your own, be sure it integrates with WooCommerce and CSS Hero (if desired).
  • Logo Creation.  I’m no design pro, but logos aren’t make-or-break.  No sense paying a professional before you have traction.  I’ll show you how I hack my logos together for cheap using SquareSpace logo maker.
  • Lauren

    Is shopify recommended to use for making a drop shipping website? I see lots of ads for using oberlo on shopify.

    • Hey Lauren!

      Shopify + Oberlo is a common recommendation because of the recurring affiliate commission that bloggers get from signing people up for Oberlo.

      It’s not a bad way to do things. It won’t be the reason you fail.

      But WooCommerce hosted on WPEngine is much cheaper over the long run, and has greater flexibility. Shopify is really appealing to newbies because they do some great marketing, and their platform is really simple. But just a month or two in, you will find yourself wanting to be able to do things that just aren’t possible on Shopify, and they make it really difficult to take your site off their platform.

      Plus, Shopify is at least $29/month for each store, plus 2% of sales on top of the normal 2.9% plus $.30 payment processing fees. You can avoid this by using their payment processor, but they are really strict on what you can sell and often shut stores down for the silliest of things.

      WPEngine, on the other hand, is $29/month for the first store, but once you get to 10, you’re only paying $10/month each. Plus, they let you make copies of your sites, so once you have a customized sales page you really like, you can make a copy then swap the pics and text out for a new product.

      Great question!

  • Vigor

    Hello thank you for making this really interesting website of yours, I’m really new to Dropshipping and i have a question, Are there any legal requirements required for non US-Citizen to dropship goods from China/US to US Markets? Are there any taxes involved? and how long does it usually takes for Aliexpress products to arrive in US? Thank you.

    • Depends on your country of origin 🙂 ePacket takes bout 2 weeks.

  • Thomas

    how much money have you made from this business model?

  • Duncan

    must you be in the us to be able to do this ,I am from Kenya

    • No sir, but I recommend selling to American customers. The United States subsidizes shipping from China to America, so the margins are excellent.