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What is WPEngine, and Why do I Need it?

WPEngine is a web hosting platform specifically catered for WordPress. Web hosting companies store your website on their servers, making it accessible for everyone on the internet. My favorite web host is WPEngine, for a few main reasons: Price.  WPEngine comes in a little high on price for your first install relative to the discount web Read more about What is WPEngine, and Why do I Need it?[…]

Why I Don’t to Use Shopify for my E-Commerce Projects

I began writing about dropshipping and E-Commerce in general three years ago.  Consequently, I see interest-targeted ads for Shopify everywhere on the web, and readers are asking me if they should use Shopify for their projects. Let’s set the record straight today. Shopify’s marketing is excellent, it’s an easy platform to use, and $29/month is Read more about Why I Don’t to Use Shopify for my E-Commerce Projects[…]

Notes on Ecom Hunter’s Recent Youtube Videos

A promising new Youtuber in the dropshipping space has been dropping some real gems lately. Many of you know from Slack that in the past year or two, I’ve been tied up with other projects.  I haven’t done much in the dropshipping realm, aside from the B2B project I built for selling high-margin goods to Read more about Notes on Ecom Hunter’s Recent Youtube Videos[…]

Find the Right Supplier for You with Salehoo

CLICK HERE to visit Salehoo. If you’re new to dropshipping and don’t yet have processes in place for identifying product trends, Salehoo can help you see what products are performing best around the web. Additionally, Salehoo offers custom filters for finding new suppliers.  For instance, if fast shipping is really important to you, you can Read more about Find the Right Supplier for You with Salehoo[…]

Find Winning Products before they’re Hot with Pexda

A year and a half ago, I almost built a tool with a Wharton Stats PHD. It was going to scrape data from around the web to tell you what products would sell best. Well, good thing I didn’t. A couple of facebook ad experts built something way better: Pexda Pexda tells you exactly what products Read more about Find Winning Products before they’re Hot with Pexda[…]

Gamify Your Sales Page with Listagram!

I want to introduce you to a new tool I am using on my latest dropshipping project: Listagram. Listagram let’s me create a ‘discount wheel’ that pops over my sales page after a specified amount of time.  In exchange for the visitor’s e-mail address, they can spin the wheel to win a discount! Listagram allows Read more about Gamify Your Sales Page with Listagram![…]

The Hustler’s Guide to Traffic

No money to risk on paid ads? No problem! I recommend ALL beginners start with unpaid traffic whether they have ‘startup capital’ or not.  It’s the best way to learn.  In fact, since I started venturing into affiliate marketing, I’ve done no paid advertising at all.  I’ve still managed to do tens of thousands of Read more about The Hustler’s Guide to Traffic[…]

How to get over $770 in Free Ad Credits!

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of PPC ads– Especially in the beginning stages of an e-commerce store or blog. You can test different sales copy and imagery with fast results. Chances are, you will vary your target audiences and ad copy when testing. Consider varying your ad platforms, too. Since PPC Read more about How to get over $770 in Free Ad Credits![…]